NADL Legislative & Legal Affairs

Download some important regulatory and legal documents pertaining to the dental laboratory industry.

  • Guidelines for Statutory Regulation of Dental Laboratories and Technicians - an explanation of legislative options for state dental laboratory associations to use with state legislatures. Also included is a model bill for states without any current statutory regulation. ( Login to Download )
  • CDC Infection Control Standards for Dentistry - Recent standards from the Centers for Disease Control including guidelines for the dental laboratory setting. ( Login to Download )
  • OSHA State Field Offices - Resource Listing of OSHA field offices or state agencies responsible for state level compliance of OSHA standards. ( Login to Download )
  • Beryllium Bulletin - Guidelines from the U.S Department of Labor, OSHA on appropriate protocols for exposure to beryllium. ( Login to Download )
  • Containment Methods for Sandblasting - Approved guidelines for employees performing sandblasting in the laboratory setting. ( Login to Download )
  • Guidelines for Dentist and Dental Laboratory Relations - NADL endorsed guidelines for effective communication and interaction between dental laboratories and dental practices. ( Login to Download )
  • NADL Grassroots Guide - A helpful guide for individuals and state dental laboratory associations on getting involved in the state and federal political process. Includes a contact directory of each state's Board of Dentistry or licensing board. ( Login to Download )
  • Shade Verification Guidelines - A document outlining the positive aspects of shade verification taking place in the laboratory setting as well as protocols to ensure patient safety. ( Login to Download )
  • Listing of Prescription/Work Authorization Storage Requirements State by State. ( Login to Download )
  • Listing of Sales Tax Requirements for Dental Laboratories State by State. ( Login to Download )
  • Listing of States That Allow Shade Verification to be Performed in the Dental Laboratory Setting. ( Login to Download )
  • ADA Standards for Dental Technology Education Programs. ( Login to Download )


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