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Dentsply Sirona Lab, with its dedicated focus on dental technology, held its first ever GLEN meeting from July 9th-11th in Frankfurt, Germany to offer the possibility for networking and exchange between lab experts. Around 50 Key Opinion Leaders from almost 20 different countries came together for this peer-to-peer exchange to discuss current topics as well as future trends of dental technology and dentistry in workshops and interactive sessions. One main focus was also the importance of a successful teamwork between dental technician and dentist.


Aurident, Inc. offers the new Shining 3D DS-EX Pro tabletop scanner featuring outstanding scan speed, improved detailed accuracy along with versatility at a very affordable cost. With an open modular design with multiple stages, it provides enhanced capabilities for scanning triple-tray impressions, stone models, wax-ups, full articulators and textures. The scanner has high-resolution cameras; a white or blue light option; open source software allows scans to be saved, viewed and design in STL and OBJ format; and has an affordable price of $6,599. Call 800-422-7373 or visit aurident.com for more information.


“The Quality of Esthetics” – focus of the 4th International Expert Symposium hosted by Ivoclar Vivadent in Rome


This year’s edition of the International Expert Symposium on “The Quality of Esthetics” took place from 15 to 16 June 2018 in Rome under the topic of “Advanced digital and esthetic dentistry”. The latest trends were discussed and solutions shared.


Amidst the increasingly pervasive role of digital technology, the call for solutions has increased. Against such a backdrop, Robert Ganley, CEO Ivoclar Vivadent AG, stressed the importance of offering a platform for dental professionals to talk about their views and share their experiences. Prominent speakers working in research, dentistry and dental technology allowed attendees to gain insight into their work practices between analogue and digital to achieve high-end results.


Further expanding its portfolio of products, Axsys Dental Solutions, a leading supplier of digital dental manufacturing solutions, has entered into an agreement with Medit to distribute their new i5OO intraoral scanner.

Costing $18,000 with no license fees, the i500 uses a high-speed dual camera system for fast, precise photogrammetry, is powderless, and is lightweight, with a fine tip for ease of use and patient comfort. It uses an open CAD/CAM system, meaning operators can export STL files out of the MeditLINK management software and instantly share them with the dental lab. They can also transfer files and track progress throughout the digital workflow.

Thanks to its intelligent scan detecting algorithm, the i500 also easily picks up where it left off if the scanning process is interrupted, making for a smoother scanning experience. The i500 takes rapid, video-based scans, and its smart technology means its colored scans can distinguish between soft tissue, plaque, and tooth enamel with razor-sharp precision across the full arch.


With Dentsply Sirona Lab as a one-stop-shop, dental labs and technicians can rely on one strong partner offering all the equipment and materials they need for their daily work: from technologies and equipment to CAD/CAM materials as well as traditional materials.

Tom Leonardi, Group Vice President Dentsply Sirona Lab, points out: “Dentsply Sirona has always worked closely with dental labs. Having all of our lab-relevant experts combined in one unit, Dentsply Sirona Lab can now fully realize its explicit dedication to labs and dental technicians. Since its start on February 1st, 2018, Dentsply Sirona Lab has strengthened its position as a strong partner with passion for dental labs even more.”

The successful start of the new Lab SBU, with its dedicated focus on dental technology, emphasizes again how Dentsply has increased its commitment to dental labs. Over the past four months Dentsply Sirona Lab has successfully presented its product offering and lab expertise to customers at selected events in Germany and the United States.

Premiere: The first “Dental Technician Congress”

At Dentsply Sirona’s first “Dental Technician Congress” in April 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, the Lab SBU celebrated its premiere in Germany. “We organized this conference in perfect teamwork with our colleagues from the Implants SBU, thereby covering all important areas for labs. Participants could feel the spirit and experience first-hand Dentsply Sirona’s passion for dental labs and dental technicians”, explains Marc Weber, Director Global Fixed Platform at Dentsply Sirona Lab in Hanau.

With passion for dental labs at the Dentsply Sirona Lab Summit

The Dentsply Sirona Lab Summit in May 2018 was also the first event held at the brand new Dentsply Sirona Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nearly 300 dental technicians and dentists were part of 36 breakout sessions with 3 key note speakers. Participants could choose from 4 main educational tracks: CAD/CAM & DI, Ceramics, Removables and Implants. Dental technicians and dentists shared experiences with their peers to educate them on how to create successful workflows and esthetic cases.

Continued dedication for dental labs

Furthermore, Dentsply Sirona is committed to offering its customers the opportunity to establish a network with experts across all lab-related areas and enable the exchange between peers in every field of expertise. For this purpose the Global Lab Experts Network (GLEN) has been initiated. To kick off this program Lab experts from all over the world will come to Germany to discuss current topics as well as future trends of dental technology and dentistry in workshops and interactive sessions. One main focus will be the importance of a successful teamwork between dental technician and dentist.

With a dedicated lab track, the upcoming Dentsply Sirona World in Florida in September, 2018 will be another essential event demonstrating the company’s vision of modern dental technology. Customers will be able to experience the Lab SBU’s latest innovations as well as get the chance to exchange with peers and grow their network.


Get to know the new Lab SBU: https://youtu.be/_y6cRE_G1m8


The Argen Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of precious dental gold alloys, leader in zirconia manufacturing, and leading innovator of digital dentistry solutions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Dale Dental Lab, a Texas-based dental lab, effective June 1, 2018. This acquisition will provide Dale Dental Lab customers with a host of benefits including access to a team of dedicated customer and technical support specialists, Argen’s leading digital technologies, and an extensive portfolio of digital products and services.


“Dale Dental Lab’s business model shifted from lab-to-lab to lab-to-dentist under a new name, YDL – Concert Dental Lab. Since Argen works exclusively with dental labs, it was an excellent match and opportunity for Argen to acquire the lab business,” said Michael Clark, Argen Senior Vice President, Domestic Sales.


“Argen has a strong reputation in the industry of service to dental labs and is a leader in digital technologies,” said Felix Silva, VP, YDL Concert Dental Lab. “We are working with Argen every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition for our customers.”


The multi-phased transition will take place over a 30-day period. Dale Dental Lab customers can send models to Argen for case design and restoration manufacturing. Questions about the acquisition or transition can be directed to Michael Clark, Argen Senior VP, Domestic Sales. mclark@argen.com.


Dental professionals can now add a splash of life to their treatment portfolio with NobelPearl ceramic implants launched by Nobel Biocare during EuroPerio9, June 20-23, in Amsterdam.

Recent trends in the dental implant market indicate that patients increasingly prefer metal-free solutions for the look and feel of natural teeth. With NobelPearl, dental professionals can now give them the esthetics they desire, as the two-piece ceramic implant with a cement-free internal connection supports a natural soft-tissue appearance.

An alternative to titanium implants, the 100% metal-free NobelPearl was designed for excellent soft-tissue attachment and low inflammatory response[1]. Its zirconia material especially benefits patients with a thin mucosal biotype.[2] Studies have shown that microcirculatory dynamics in peri-implant mucosa around zirconia are comparable with those around natural teeth.[3] Furthermore, it has demonstrated low affinity to plaque.[1],[4],[5]

NobelPearl offers greater restorative flexibility compared with one-piece or cemented ceramic implants, owing to the two-piece, reversible cement-free internal connection. The Inter-X internal connection is specifically designed for ceramic implants. While the very strong ATZ ceramic absorbs compressive forces, the VICARBO® screw made of carbon fiber reinforced PEEK withstands tensile forces thanks to its continuous longitudinal carbon fibers. Risks of excess cement during intraoral cementation, often associated with soft-tissue inflammation and the development of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis, can be avoided.[6]

Combined with the tapered drill protocol, the thread design and tapered implant shape of NobelPearl have been designed to achieve high primary stability. Osseointegration is achieved with help of the hydrophilic sand-blasted and acid-etched ZERAFIL™ surface as well as the partially machined collar.[7] As no sintering or finishing takes place during the final shaping of the implant, a high level of dimensional precision and accuracy can be achieved.

The continuous development of ceramic implants by Nobel Biocare’s manufacturing partner, Dentalpoint AG, has seen an increase in survival rate over time. With NobelPearl, dental professionals now have everything they need for a successful start in ceramic implantology. It is available for a broad range of indications, from single to multiple unit, and follows established workflows for two-piece implants. It will also be integrated into Nobel Biocare’s digital workflow that includes treatment planning with the NobelClinician Software and guided implant surgery with NobelGuide pilot drilling. Additionally, clinicians will be able to offer patients the NobelPearl Ceramic Base CAD/CAM solution using DTX Studio design software later this year.


Roland DGA Corporation has teamed up with financing company Geneva Capital to launch a new “Technology Upgrade Program” for Roland customers throughout the U.S. In addition to making easy to qualify for financing a new Roland device, the program allows customers to upgrade to new models in as little as 12 months to remain competitive in an ever-changing business world.


Along with the convenient upgrade option, the program offers other benefits to Roland customers, including low monthly payments (OAC), accelerated tax write-offs, short loan terms of three years or less, and the ability to keep purchased equipment under warranty.


“By taking advantage of the new Technology Upgrade Program, Roland DGA customers can maximize their profits, enjoy the extra peace of mind of continuous warranty coverage, and have the option to upgrade their devices frequently to keep up with growing business and production requirements,” said Tony Miller, Vice President of Sales and Product Management.


To learn more about the Technology Upgrade Program from Roland DGA, or to submit a finance application online, visit https://roland.gogc.com/.



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