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NADL is proud to offer dental technology professionals the opportunity to join the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL).

Some of the benefits NADL members enjoy include:

Gary Iocco, former president of NADL and current trustee of the Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology said, "When I talk to people about the NADL, they really have no idea what the organization does for them, for all dental laboratories. I explain the work that NADL legal counsel did to exempt most dental laboratory products from the medical device excise tax, which saved lab owners thousands of dollars. I talk about their efforts to advance material and point of origin disclosure. I show the campaign to increase public awareness of the profession ( and share some of the amazing work that the Foundation has done to promote dental laboratory technology education. People are surprised. I tell them, the NADL isn't for 'them,' the NADL is for you."

What has NADL done for you lately?

The top 3 NADL accomplishments over the last 5 years:

  • Comprehensive Medical Device Excise Tax (MDET) legal analysis, a complimentary report of which is available to NADL members.
  • Achieved strong collaboration with ADA, ACP, APS, AACD and allied dental organizations on issues of mutual interest. From 2001-2013, the attitudes of ADA member dentists, based on ADA surveys on where they rank the importance of working a with a CDT or is CDL has gone up over 30 percent to now where a majority says its important or extremely important.
  • A successful launch of the Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology. It is now self-sustaining and only now coming into its own on what value it can bring to reinvest in the industry.

What is NADL doing to help laboratory owners, managers, and technicians meet the many challenges they face?

Vision 21 and NADL University content purposely focus on the business side of operating a dental laboratory. There is plenty of technical content in the marketplace offered through hundreds of different sources. If you can't or are not making a profit, you can have the best technical talent in the world, but it's a moot point if the business is not competitive.

We secured a new preferred collections agency with a good track record. Accounts receivables continues to be an issue for dental laboratories and having a firm that can not only run pre-credit checks on new accounts, but also consistently collect on bad accounts saves members, time and money.

We've locked in improved UPS shipping discounts on all types of delivery. Many NADL members are still independent and not part of a conglomerate network. In this case, members can achieve considerable cost savings on shipping, all of which goes to the bottom line.

The free Human Resources Hotline is one of NADL's best benefits. There is an ardent small group of members that use this benefit. We all know that technicians are not generally business people. Human resources can be one of the most complex and frustrating issues for small business owners to manage. The NADL Human Resources Hotline gives members free unlimited telephone consultation with a national labor law consulting firm to help with hiring and firing situations, wage and hour tracking, workers compensation claims processes, employment policy development and unemployment issues. It's all about risk management. One simple mistake can cost a small business thousands of dollars, a free phone call to verify you have crossed the "Ts" and dotted the "Is" is worth membership alone.

The NADL has been instrumental in helping states pass changes to their dental practice acts. Why get involved on the state level and how has NADL helped?

At NADL we have focused our efforts on helping state dental laboratory associations adopt basic state standards for disclosure, registration and education. Applying basic standards consistently to all labs, wherever located, provides a more consistent level of information and accountability and is the most efficient way we have to level the playing field for quality dental laboratories.

Dental laboratory registration with the state dental board is important for two primary reasons:

  1. Dental laboratory registration facilitates communications of any important health and safety information.
  2. Dental laboratory registration helps to ensure compliance with disclosure requirements and increases accountability.

Currently, most states have no list or registry of dental laboratories and all communications are strictly ad hoc. Dental laboratory registration will establish clear communication channels between dental laboratories and dental manufacturers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control should there be a recall on specific dental material or equipment or any other health or safety issue that could ultimately impact dental laboratory professionals or the dentist and their patients.

NADL is working on a public awareness campaign to raise the profile of dental laboratory technology. Why is this important and how will it benefit the industry?

To a large extent the public is completely unaware of the work done by dental laboratory professionals. Even dentists are often surprised when they learn more about dental laboratories. For example when surveyed, most dentists responded that they believe that dental laboratories and dental laboratory professionals are subject to some FDA or state standards. They are typically surprised to learn that there are absolutely no state requirements for dental laboratories in the overwhelming majority of states. The more patients that ask their dentists about what's in their mouth the more that the dentists will ask questions of the dental laboratory that makes the patients' restorations. The more a dentist asks and learns about the restoration and the work of their dental laboratory professional the more they will choose quality dental laboratories.

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