NADL Disaster Relief Fund

Whether it's a hurricane, dangerous wildfires or flooding caused by overflowing rivers, the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) is here to offer a helping hand.

In 2005 NADL created the NADL Disaster Relief Fund in order to provide monetary assistance to individuals in the dental laboratory profession who have been affected by a natural disaster.

Lend your support by using the online donation form or to be considered for funds complete the online application form. If you have any questions regarding the NADL Disaster Relief Fund, please contact our office at [email protected] or 800.950.1150.



Let’s Help All We Can to Assist in the Recovery from the Disasters!

The NADL has implemented several important initiatives to coordinate disaster relief efforts for the dental laboratory industry and dental technicians.

    1. Creation of the “NADL Dental Laboratory/Technology Relief Effort”. NADL originally kicked off this fund raising drive in 2005 to help victims of Hurricane Katrina and has continued to assist victims of many natural disasters.
      • Individual dental technicians, dental laboratories, and dental laboratory suppliers and manufacturers are encouraged to contribute to this industry specific relief fund. Contributions are being accepted online at the Online Donation Form. You may also download the NADL Disaster Donation Form and forward it directly to NADL.
      • NADL is accepting monetary donations of any amount specifically to assist those impacted within the dental laboratory industry and profession. Donations can be made online by credit card (MasterCard, American Express or VISA), or by fax.
      • Contributions can be accepted immediately at the Online Donation Form by check or money order, c/o NADL, 325 John Knox Road, L103, Tallahassee, FL 32303. Checks or money orders should be made payable to “NADL Dental Laboratory/Technology Relief Effort”. Download the Online Donation Form.
      • The association’s objective is to receive contributions as soon as possible so that requests for assistance can be facilitated and delivered to those in need in the industry. The more money that is raised by that timeframe, the more funds can be released to those in dire need.
    2. Creation of an Online Victim Assistance Request Form - NADL has developed an Assistance Form Online where requests for help can be made directly online as well as through mail and fax.
      • Requests for assistance will be facilitated on a first come, first serve basis and will be for a flat amount of assistance. You may also download the paper Assistance Request Form and submit by mail.
    3. The National Association of Dental Laboratories joins with you in recognizing the severity and magnitude of the destruction that natural disasters inflict upon its victims. We realize the emotional, physical, and financial devastation on the impacted individuals, businesses and local communities.
      • Some NADL members and members of the respective state associations have lost their businesses, livelihoods and residences. It is difficult to reach many of the individuals in the most impacted areas due to communications, and it is difficult to assess the extent of damage to the dental laboratories headquartered and the dental technicians employed in these areas.

Along with you, NADL will continue to monitor the recovery effort and its impact upon the dental laboratory industry.


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